Monday, March 07, 2011

The Eternal and the Created

Taken from my post at 8-10-2009 to the William Blake yahoo group

The Eternal is within, the Created without.

Time and Space are creatures.
The Sea of Time and Space is a creation; our
image of 'reality' is largely the creation that keeps
us from Eternity; we are asleep!

According to Blake we (Albion) come from Eternity
(being made in the image of God). But falling in love
with the material and dividing into "many selves",
we drop down into Ulro.

Look at the 'Creator'!
[Urizen-creator, frontspiece of Europe):

"not a picture of God creating the Universe..but the
image of the mind creating or projecting its own Maya
.....The person who can attain insight into this image
for himself will know the source of his greatest
illusion and bondage." (cf Symbol and Image in
William Blake by George Wingfield Digby, p. 53)

This is the secret of reintegration and regeneration, a
moment aptly described in The Prodigal Son, when
the man 'came to himself'. Then he returned to his
father, described by Blake as realizing Eternity.

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