Sunday, September 17, 2006

For Blake Fans

“Every thing possible to be believ’d is an image of truth.”, from the Marriage of Heaven and Hell

Here it is: the first blog (from at least) devoted to the works of William Blake. What ensues here will also appear in Ram Horn'd with Gold.

"Thinking as I do that the Creator
of this world is a cruel being, and
being a worshipper of Christ, I have to
say: "the Son! oh how unlike the Father":
First God Almighty comes with a thump on
the head; then J.C. comes with a balm
to heal it." (Blake's comments on The Last Judgment)

Blake damned Old Nobodaddy until his early 40's. From then on he blessed Jesus the Forgiveness.

He recorded that Moment of Grace in a letter to his friend and benefactor, Thomas Butts. It contained the famous poem where he was called "Thou Ram Horn'd with Gold.

I need your help for this ongoing project. Grace me with your objections, comments, suggestions or whatever, in the form of a comment here.

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bradford said...

My roommates in college told me about an English Lit class, the teacher was progressive enough to allow me to turn in drawings (because of my confusing style of writing). I learned The Poison Tree and Garden Of Love. My son is sixteen and found my books on Blake for one of his school reports. Your effort to spread his influence is greatly appreciated.
By the way my dad was a C.O. and active with F.O.R. My parents were married by George Hauser when he worked for CORE. My mom passed 4 days before her 61st aniversary, my dad will be 87 in April.