Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Last Judgment

The concept of the last judgment has driven millions of people out of the Church, out of Christianity. A fair number of these refugees from Christianity have rejected Christendom, not necessarily a faith in "the Good Lord"; they may pray nightly but never go near a church.

Some of these "poor benighted souls" have found refuge among Quakers, who deplore war, but, more important, believe "there is that of God in everyone".

The fortunate few, with or without Quakerism, have found WB, who lampooned Christendom unmercifully. Urizen, (pic) brought the law, but who brought grace? Jesus the Forgiveness of course.

With a few words from Blake's Vision of the Last Judgment he brought that grossly misunderstood concept to its merciful conclusion:

"What are all the Gifts of the
Spirit but Mental Gifts whenever any
Individual Rejects Error & Embraces Truth a
Last Judgment passes upon that Individual."
(Erdman 562)

'Andrew and Simon Peter Searching for Christ'

We don't need to fight Evil (no, no, by golly), but to reject the Errors that clutter up our minds; we thus become those "rich enlightened souls" who join WB in Heaven.

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