Thursday, April 01, 2010

Blake's Reality

"Mental Things are alone Real; what is call’d Corporeal, Nobody knows of its Dwelling Place: it is in Fallacy, & its Existence an Imposture. . . I assert for My Self that I do not behold the outward Creation that to me it is hindrance & not Action; it is as the Dirt upon my feet, No part of Me.. "What," it will be Question'd,
"When the Sun rises, do you not see a round disk of fire somewhat like a Guinea?" 0 no, no, I see an
Innumerable company of the Heavenly host crying "Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty." I question not my Corporeal or Vegetative Eye any more than I would Question a Window concerning a Sight. I look thro' it & not with it."

With the eye or through the eye?

Blake was about imagination. He believed that there isn't anything except what we envision in our minds. Your vision may be vastly different from mine, but they're both legitimate. We are different. Why should we see the same thing?

From the chaotic input of the five sense we must create our reality, our own system. Otherwise we may simply choose someone else's reality, his system and become a part of his tribe, seeing only what he tells us to see.

Blake was an individual, and you may be, too, if you have the guts to stand against the stream of mediocre convention, to look through the eye as well as with it.

Do you agree?


arkdward said...

I really do get a lot out of these posts....thanks for continue writing.

Mark Geier

Larry said...

Thanks, Mark; your interest in Blake makes all this very worthwhile.