Friday, February 03, 2012

Plate 4


Mo*no*s *o I*e*so*u*s 


              Chap: I

Of the Sleep of Ulro! and of the passage through
Eternal Death! and of the awaking to Eternal Life.
This theme calls me in sleep night after night, & ev'ry morn
Awakes me at sun-rise, then I see the Saviour over me
Spreading his beams of love, & dictating the words of this mild

Awake! awake O sleeper of the land of shadows, wake! expand!
I am in you and you in me, mutual in love divine:
Fibres of love from man to man thro Albions pleasant land.
In all the dark Atlantic vale down from the hills of Surrey
A black water accumulates, return Albion! return!                
Thy brethren call thee, and thy fathers, and thy sons,
Thy nurses and thy mothers, thy sisters and thy daughters
Weep at thy souls disease, and the Divine Vision is darkend:
Emanation that was wont to play before thy face,
Beaming forth with her daughters into the Divine bosom
 am not a God afar off, I am a brother and friend;
Within your bosoms I reside, and you reside in me:
Lo! we are One; forgiving all Evil; Not seeking recompense!      
Ye are my members O ye sleepers of Beulah, land of shades!
But the perturbed Man away turns down the valleys dark;

[Saying. We are not One: we are Many, thou most simulative] Phantom of the over heated brain! shadow of immortality! Seeking to keep my soul a victim to thy Love! which binds Man the enemy of man into deceitful friendships: Jerusalem is not! her daughters are indefinite: By demonstration, man alone can live, and not by faith. My mountains are my own, and I will keep them to myself! The Malvern and the Cheviot, the Wolds Plinlimmon & Snowdon Are mine. here will I build my Laws of Moral Virtue! Humanity shall be no more: but war & princedom & victory! So spoke Albion in jealous fears, hiding his Emanation Upon the Thames and Medway, rivers of Beulah: dissembling His jealousy before the throne divine, darkening, cold! (Erdman 146-7) Notes: It makes a lovely decoration, but what is it? The naked figure in the upper left is Jerusalem with her three younger one trailing along (much like Plate 32; Erdman 46). The moon and stars reflect mortalism, materiality. Beneath the A in Jerusalem we see a hooded (veil) figure who must represent Vala; we begin in her domain. On her right, just beyond Vala's grasp we see another (naked) woman in a prayerful posture and on the point of joining Jerusalem's chain.  To Vala's left appears Los, in a posture much like plate 6.

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