Monday, March 26, 2012

Plate 53


             Chap 3.
But Los, who is the Vehicular Form of strong Urthona
Wept vehemently over Albion where Thames currents spring
From the rivers of Beulah; pleasant river! soft, mild, parent
And the roots of Albions Tree enterd the Soul of Los
As he sat before his Furnaces clothed in sackcloth of hair       
In gnawing pain dividing him from his Emanation;
Inclosing all the Children of Los time after time.
Their Giant forms condensing into Nations & Peoples & Tongues   
Translucent the Furnaces, of Beryll & Emerald immortal:
And Seven-fold each within other: incomprehensible               
To the Vegetated Mortal Eye's perverted & single vision
The Bellows are the Animal Lungs. the hammers, the Animal Heart
The Furnaces, the Stomach for Digestion; terrible their fury
Like seven burning heavens rang'd from South to North

Here on the banks of the Thames, Los builded Golgonooza,   
Outside of the Gates of the Human Heart, beneath Beulah
In the midst of the rocks of the Altars of Albion. In fears
He builded it, in rage & in fury. It is the Spiritual Fourfold
London: continually building & continually decaying desolate!
In eternal labours: loud the Furnaces & loud the Anvils          
Of Death thunder incessant around the flaming Couches of
The Twentyfour Friends of Albion and round the awful Four
For the protection of the Twelve Emanations of Albions Sons
The Mystic Union of the Emanation in the Lord; Because          
Man divided from his Emanation is a dark Spectre                 
His Emanation is an ever-weeping melancholy Shadow
But she is made receptive of Generation thro' mercy
In the Potters  Furnace, among the Funeral Urns of Beulah
From Surrey hills, thro' Italy and Greece, to Hinnoms vale.
 PLATE 54In Great Eternity......(Erdman 202-3)  
Notes on Plate 53:
The zoa Los/Urthona has a double name (Urthona is the Eternal name and Los the fallen name.  Los was sitting in Beulah, but falling further into Ulro sitting before his furnace. At the furnace the bellows are the animal’s lungs. the hammers the animal’s (beating) heart, and the furnaces the Stomach. (He described these entities otherwise in Milton.)

And there he (the creative zoa) built Golgonooza (which I describe as the worldly replica of the Kingdom of God). He was fearful and full of rage and called it ‘fourfold London’ (a variation of Jerusalem) “continually building and continually decaying desolate!”
“Because Man divided from his Emanation is a dark Spectre [and] an ever-weeping melancholy Shadow”

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