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MHH 26

MHH 26
Here's the text on this Plate:

PL 26] hurl'd the new born wonder thro' the starry night.
11. The fire, the fire, is falling!
12. Look up! look up! O citizen of London. enlarge thy
countenance; O Jew, leave counting gold! return to thy oil and wine; O African! black African! (go. winged thought widen his forehead.)
13. The fiery limbs, the flaming hair, shot like the sinking sun into the western sea.
14. Wak'd from his eternal sleep, the hoary, element 
roaring fled away:
15. Down rushd beating his wings in vain the jealous king: 
his grey brow'd councellors, thunderous warriors, curl'd veterans, among helms, and shields, and chariots horses, elephants: banners, castles, slings and rocks,
16. Falling, rushing, ruining! buried in the ruins, on 
Urthona's dens.
17. All night beneath the ruins, then their sullen flames 
faded emerge round the gloomy king,18. With thunder and fire: leading his starry hosts thro' the waste wilderness
"the fiery limbs, the flaming hair" is a description of Orc."
The new born wonder is Orc, offspring of Los and his emanation, about whom you may read among other places in chapter 7 of The Book of Urizen:
"             Chap.  VII.
1. They named the child Orc, he grew
Fed with milk of Enitharmon
2. Los awoke her; O sorrow & pain!
A tight'ning girdle grew,
Around his bosom. In sobbings                             
He burst the girdle in twain,
But still another girdle
Opressd his bosom, In sobbings
Again he burst it. Again
Another girdle succeeds                                     
The girdle was form'd by day;
By night was burst in twain.
3. These falling down on the rock
Into an iron Chain
In each other link by link lock'd                         

4. They took Orc to the top of a mountain.
O how Enitharmon wept!
They chain'd his young limbs to the rock
With the Chain of Jealousy
Beneath Urizens deathful shadow                             

5. The dead heard the voice of the child
And began to awake from sleep
All things. heard the voice of the child
And began to awake to life."

Look also at America plate 9, Europe a Prophecy plate 12, Song of Los plate 3
Milton plate 3, nights 5,7, and 9 of The Four Zoas, and Jealousy.

In MHH  26 Blake used this recurring myth to tell the
story of how it happened that America broke away
from Great Britain.   It was developed later by his
prophetic book America a Prophesy.

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