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Paradise Lost 7

Milton's Paradise, from Book Four:
When GABRIEL to his next in power thus spake.
UZZIEL, half these draw off, and coast the South
With strictest watch; these other wheel the North,
Our circuit meets full West.
As flame they part Half wheeling to the Shield, half to the Spear.
From these, two strong and suttle Spirits he calld
That neer him stood, and gave them thus in charge.

ITHURIEL and ZEPHON, with wingd speed
Search through this Garden, leav unsearcht no nook,
But chiefly where those two fair Creatures Lodge,
Now laid perhaps asleep secure of harme.

This Eevning from the Sun's decline arriv'd
Who tells of som infernal Spirit seen
Hitherward bent (who could have thought?) escap'd
The barrs of Hell, on errand bad no doubt:
Such where ye find, seise fast, and hither bring.
So saying, on he led his radiant Files, Daz'ling the Moon;
these to the Bower direct In search of whom they sought:
him there they found Squat like a Toad, close at the eare of EVE;
Assaying by his Devilish art to reach
The Organs of her Fancie, and with them forge
Illusions as he list, Phantasms and Dreams,

Here's a good summary of Book Four.

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Image 7 A
llustration of Paradise Lost
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The chief interest in this Plate is the appearance of two angels that Milton seems to have invented:
Ithuriel and Zephon

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
In the Holy Bible, Zephon was a son of Eliphaz (Esau's eldest son). According to the book of Genesis, his brothers were Omar, Teman, Gatam, Kenaz and Amalek.

In the Book of Enoch, Zephon, also Zepho (Heb. צפון "hidden") was an angel, sent by the archangel Gabriel together with Ithuriel, to find out the location of Satan after his Fall.

In Canaanite Religion Zephon was also identified with Jebel Aqra, the home of the Elohim, from which Yahu was cast out.

According to John Milton's Paradise Lost Zephon is a cherub and a guardian prince of Paradise.

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