Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Thel 3

No script appears to be associated with this (Title page).
Using the 'Works compare' various things may be seen in various copies.

All of them show Thel, beside the trunk of a bending tree, looking at an embrace of a naked man and a clothed woman. Erdman tells us they are in two blossoms of the anemone pulsatilla, opened by the wind.

Another anemone bud, unopened, stands at Thel's feet.

The three buds (two opened represent Desire, while the unopened one represents Restraint.

in microcosm that's the story of Thel; she observed Experience, but thought better of it and returned to Har.

There's a figure within the second O; Erdman says it's a shepherd with a crook like Thel's.
There are many other objects that need to be analyzed.

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