Sunday, March 12, 2017

Job 14


When the morning stars sang together & all the sons of God shouted for joy
Let there Be Light
Let there be A Firmament
Let the waters be gathered
together into one place, and
& let the Dry Land appear

And God made Two Great Lights
Let the Waters bring
forth abundantly
Let the earth bring forth
Cattle & Creeping thing
& Beast
Job 14
University of Adelaide
When the morning stars sang together

Strange that the creation myth came so late in Illustrations of the Book of Job.
In the border of this image are insets showing the six days of creation. There are three insets on the left and three on the right in the engraving.
The top of this image shows four 'Sons of God' in the stars. Might they be the Four Zoas?
Like most of the plates this one is divided into the sections:
The top one has the four 'angels', 'sons of God', or four Zoas.

The middle section shows God.
The two figures under God's arms are said to be Apollo and Diana (Wright 37).
The circle around God's head could be a halo or a sun or moon.
God is kneeling with his right foot intruding on the cloud under which Job and his family appear to be learning God's lesson.
The lower section might be thought of as a cave, like Plato's Cave.
Wikimedia Commons
Illustrations of the Book of Job 
Engraving 14 

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