Tuesday, June 26, 2018


British Museum
Plate 95, Copy A
The process of reconciliation with the false reasoning power was not unopposed. Satan did not agree to relinquish the position of dominance which he enjoyed. Instead he asserted it more emphatically. The extravagant statement of Satan revealed the error of his position. The sand had flowed past the obstruction in the hourglass; the flow could be reversed by turning the device upside down. 

Mercy could not be overridden by Satan's definition of holiness. Milton had an Epiphany. Satan, too, was the recipient of the Divine Mercy and would be brought into Albion, the representation of total Humanity. Satan was not to be destroyed but integrated by Los.

This appears to be Blake's recognition that the religious approaches can live side by side: that justice and mercy are both aspects of the Divine Humanity. To oppose one contrary only allows the negation to flower. If the Law prevents the Gospel from being heard, Natural Religion is allowed to flourish.
Milton, Plate 38 [44], (E 139)
"Satan heard! Coming in a cloud, with trumpets & flaming fire
Saying I am God the judge of all, the living & the dead
Fall therefore down & worship me. submit thy supreme
Dictate, to my eternal Will & to my dictate bow
I hold the Balances of Right & Just & mine the Sword
Seven Angels bear my Name & in those Seven I appear             
But I alone am God & I alone in Heavn & Earth
Of all that live dare utter this, others tremble & bow
Plate 39 [44]
Till All Things become One Great Satan, in Holiness
Oppos'd to Mercy, and the Divine Delusion Jesus be no more

Suddenly around Milton on my Path, the Starry Seven
Burnd terrible! my Path became a solid fire, as bright
As the clear Sun & Milton silent came down on my Path.           
And there went forth from the Starry limbs of the Seven: Forms
Human; with Trumpets innumerable, sounding articulate
As the Seven spake; and they stood in a mighty Column of Fire
Surrounding Felphams Vale, reaching to the Mundane Shell, Saying

Awake Albion awake! reclaim thy Reasoning Spectre. Subdue        

Him to the Divine Mercy, Cast him down into the Lake
Of Los, that ever burneth with fire, ever & ever Amen!
Let the Four Zoa's awake from Slumbers of Six Thousand Years"

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