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On Page 116 of Four Archetypes, Carl Jung made this statement:

" I have said previously that three functions can be differentiated, and only one remains under the spell of the unconscious...It is an empirical fact that one function becomes more of less successfully differentiated, which on that account is known as the superior or main function, and together with extroversion or introversion constitutes the type of conscious attitude. This function has associated with it one or two partially differentiated auxiliary functions which hardly ever attain the same degree of differentiation as the main function, that is the same degree of applicability by the will. Accordingly they possess a higher degree of spontaneity than the main function which displays a large measure of reliability and is amenable to intentions. The fourth, inferior function proves to be inaccessible to our will. It appears now as a teasing and distracting imp, now as a deus ex machina. But always it comes and goes of its own volition. From this it is clear that even the differentiated functions have only partially freed themselves from the unconscious; for the rest they are still rooted in it and to that extent operate under its rule. Hence the three 'differentiated' functions at the disposal of the ego have three corresponding unconscious components that have not yet broken loose from the unconscious. And just as the three conscious and differentiated parts of these functions are confronted by a fourth, undifferentiated function that acts as a painfully disturbing factor, so also the superior function seems to have its worst enemy in the unconscious. Nor should we omit to mention one final turn of the screw: like the devil who delights in disguising himself as an angel of light, the inferior function secretly and mischievously influences the superior function most of all, just as the latter represses the former most strongly."

The fact that Jung and Blake each divided the psyche into four discrete entities causes us to look for similarities and difference in their views. The emphasis in this paragraph from Jung is upon the roles played by various functions and the degree of consciousness they exhibit. An individual psyche is dominated by one function which expresses the way the individual presents himself. Blake wrote of the alteration of the position of the Zoas as a breakdown in one organization of the psyche as it was replaced by another. To Blake the four Zoas as they existed in the eternal dimension were unblemished; they each played a role which was essential but there was no conflict. When Urizen conceived of the idea of moving into Urthona's domain with the help of Luvah the whole balance was disturbed. Jung's system originated with four functions of unequal power. Any of the functions might be dominant with its opposite weakened to an inferior position. A disturbance in Jung's system came from lack of consciousness especially in the function that is opposite to the superior function. Jung emphasized the battle between the conscious and the unconscious as the dynamic motivating psychic activity. The motive force in Blake's dynamic was re-assuming the balanced forces among the Zoas so that each expressed its proper role as part of a fourfold psyche.

Letters, To Thomas Butts, (E 722)
    " Now I a fourfold vision see
     And a fourfold vision is given to me
     Tis fourfold in my supreme delight
     And three fold in soft Beulahs night
     And twofold Always.  May God us keep
     From Single vision & Newtons sleep"
Milton, Plate 3, (E 97)
"Terrified Los stood in the Abyss & his immortal limbs
Grew deadly pale; he became what he beheld: for a red
Round Globe sunk down from his Bosom into the Deep in pangs  
He hoverd over it trembling & weeping. suspended it shook
The nether Abyss in temblings. he wept over it, he cherish'd it
In deadly sickening pain: till separated into a Female pale
As the cloud that brings the snow: all the while from his Back
A blue fluid exuded in Sinews hardening in the Abyss       
Till it separated into a Male Form howling in Jealousy

Within labouring. beholding Without: from Particulars to Generals
Subduing his Spectre, they Builded the Looms of Generation
They Builded Great Golgonooza Times on Times Ages on Ages
First Orc was Born then the Shadowy Female: then All Los's Family
At last Enitharmon brought forth Satan Refusing Form, in vain
The Miller of Eternity made subservient to the Great Harvest
That he may go to his own Place Prince of the Starry Wheels
Plate 4                                                     
Beneath the Plow of Rintrah & the harrow of the Almighty
In the hands of Palamabron. Where the Starry Mills of Satan
Are built beneath the Earth & Waters of the Mundane Shell
Here the Three Classes of Men take their Sexual texture Woven
The Sexual is Threefold: the Human is Fourfold"              

Jerusalem, Plate 96, (E 256)
"Soon all around remote the Heavens burnt with flaming fires    
And Urizen & Luvah & Tharmas & Urthona arose into
Albions Bosom: Then Albion stood before Jesus in the Clouds
Of Heaven Fourfold among the Visions of God in Eternity
Plate 97
Awake! Awake Jerusalem! O lovely Emanation of Albion
Awake and overspread all Nations as in Ancient Time
For lo! the Night of Death is past and the Eternal Day
Appears upon our Hills: Awake Jerusalem, and come away"

Wikipedia Commons
Book of Urizen
Copy G, Plate 16

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