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Plate 72

And the Thirty-two Counties of the Four Provinces of Ireland
Are thus divided: The Four Counties are in the Four Camps
Munster South in Reubens Gate, Connaut West in Josephs Gate
Ulster North in Dans Gate, Leinster East in Judahs Gate

Plate 72
It would help immensely in understanding this paragraph to study the
link on the four provinces of Ireland.  It would also help to be familiar
with the 12 tribes of Israel of which Blake picked out Reuben, Dan,
Joseph and Judah, for reasons best discenible by Bible scholars.  Blake
Plate 72 of course was familiar with both subjects.

For Albion in Eternity has Sixteen Gates among his Pillars    
But the Four towards the West were Walled up & the Twelve
That front the Four other Points were turned Four Square
By Los for Jerusalems sake & called the Gates of Jerusalem
Because Twelve Sons of Jerusalem fled successive thro the Gates
But the Four Sons of Jerusalem who fled not but remaind     
Are Rintrah & Palamabron & Theotormon & Bromion

"The Four that remain with Los to guard the Western Wall"
I haven't been able to find out exactly who the twelve Sons of Jerusalem
were; in addition to this reference the Concordance shows 'Sons of
Jerusalem successively in Plates 55, 58, 71, 72, and 74;
Rintrah, Theotormon, Bromion, and Palambron can be found in the  
beginning of Milton: the Bard's Song (especially Plate 6).
Jerusalem has four walls; the Western one signifiying the body,
materiality, Tharmas.  It's this Western Wall that cannot get into
Jerusalem. One cannot get into Jerusalem through the Western Wall.

"The Four that remain with Los to guard the Western Wall"
And these Four remain to guard the Four Walls of Jerusalem
Whose foundations remain in the Thirty-two Counties of Ireland
And in Twelve Counties of Wales, & in the Forty Counties      
Of England & in the Thirty-six Counties of Scotland
And the names of the Thirty-two Counties of Ireland are these
Under Judah & Issachar & Zebulun are Lowth Longford
Eastmeath Westmeath Dublin Kildare Kings County
Queens County Wicklow Catherloh Wexford Kilkenny                 
And those under Reuben & Simeon & Levi are these
Waterford Tipperary Cork Limerick Kerry Clare
And those under Ephraim Manasseh & Benjamin are these
Galway Roscommon Mayo Sligo Leitrim
And those under Dan Asher & Napthali are these         
Donnegal Antrim Tyrone Fermanagh Armagh Londonderry
Down Managhan Cavan. These are the Land of Erin
(Erdman 226-7)
All these Center in London & in Golgonooza. from whence
They are Created continually East & West & North & South
And from them are Created all the Nations of the Earth           
Europe & Asia & Africa & America, in fury Fourfold!
[Continually Building. Continually Decaying because of
Love & JealousyWomen the comforters of Men become the
Tormentors & Punishers]

This pungent sentence is perhaps the key to the above
confusing images in Blake's mind.  It's certainly a key to
'female love' which was the central facet of his use of
sexes in his thought and his myth.

And Thirty-two the Nations: to dwell in Jerusalems Gates
O Come ye Nations Come ye People Come up to Jerusalem
Return Jerusalem & dwell together as of old! Return
Return! O Albion let Jerusalem overspread all Nations            
As in the times of old! O Albion awake! Reuben wanders
The Nations wait for Jerusalem. they look up for the Bride
France Spain Italy Germany Poland Russia Sweden Turkey
Arabia Palestine Persia Hindostan China Tartary Siberia
Egypt Lybia Ethiopia Guinea Caffraria Negroland Morocco          
Congo Zaara Canada Greenland Carolina Mexico
Peru Patagonia Amazonia Brazil. Thirty-two Nations
And under these Thirty-two Classes of Islands in the Ocean
All the Nations Peoples & Tongues throughout all the Earth
And the Four Gates of Los surround the Universe Within and       
Without; & whatever is visible in the Vegetable Earth, the same
Is visible in the Mundane Shell; reversd in mountain & vale
And a Son of Eden was set over each Daughter of Beulah to guard
In Albions Tomb the wondrous Creation: & the Four-fold Gate
Towards Beulah is to the South[.] Fenelon, Guion, Teresa,    
Whitefield & Hervey, guard that Gate; with all the gentle Souls
Who guide the great Wine-press of Love; Four precious stones that
[Women the comforters of Men become the
Tormentors & Punishers]  (Erdman 226-8)
So looking at this Plate in general might we suppose he's intimating 
that 'female love' has driven him to this horrendous distraction.

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