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Song of Los: Frontspiece and Title

The Song of Los: Frontspiece
There is no text for this Plate (1A)

The knelling (prayerful?) figure, thought to be Urizen
bows before a cloudy Sun.

Blake Archive has copies A through E, each one said to be presenting the 'Sun' in a different way.

Go to Copy A from the British Museum.
Then Copy B. from the Library of Congress.
Then Copy C from the Morgan Library and Museum.
Then Copy D from the Britiish Museum. 
Then Copy Efrom the Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery.

The white haired figure may be thought of as Urizen or a priest who represents false religion.

Title Page
THE SONG of LOS LAMBETH Printed by W Blake 1795 About the Image
From Erdman Illuminated p. 175 Note the three birds under the 'S' of 'Song'. The large one is said to be a 'Bird of Paradise'. At the bottom is Urizen in the earth and moldering away, his hand resting on a skull. He's said to have a look of pious selfhood. In one copy his eyes are blue and his face pink.

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