Thursday, March 13, 2014


Blake had some unusual experiences with his friends Milton, Los and Ololon whom he wrote about in his poem Milton. Blake had the ability to build relationships with characters who resided in various realms of time and eternity. We now have a different gift, one of which Blake never dreamed: the ability to communicate and build relationships through electromagnetic waves which carry our messages beyond our provincial neighborhoods. Through blogging I became acquainted with Ian Mulder in England. Ian in his generosity has created an electronic book from my blog Divine Economy which now can be shared with whoever would like to read it.

Divine Economy was devised to showcase Blake pictures which are not often seen, and to shed light on some ways we can see the eternal truth through the images. Associated with each image is a short sentence which states something about how things work in the ideal world where God reigns and all is at peace.

Ian was kind enough to say about the statements, "They resonate with the innate knowledge that lies buried within us all; buried too deep, perhaps, for some to recognize it at all. But then, they are presented as paradoxes, not articles of faith."

Blake lived with the paradoxes inherent in existence; he never rejected or denied them. He affirmed however the truth he knew through vision which showed him another world. Today the paradoxical world of the electronic media and the Divine Economy come together in my gratitude to my friend Ian, whom I will never meet physically. His initiative, technical expertise, and searching spirit have provided me with an extraordinary gift.

Illustrations to Blair's The Grave 
Milton, Plate 35 [39], (E 137)  
"Walking in my Cottage Garden, sudden I beheld 
The Virgin Ololon & address'd her as a Daughter of Beulah[:] 

Virgin of Providence fear not to enter into my Cottage 
What is thy message to thy friend: What am I now to do 
Is it again to plunge into deeper affliction? behold me 
Ready to obey, but pity thou my Shadow of Delight 
Enter my Cottage, comfort her, for she is sick with fatigue  
Plate 37 [41] The Virgin answerd. Knowest thou of Milton who descended 
Driven from Eternity; him I seek! terrified at my Act 
In Great Eternity which thou knowest! I come him to seek"

John 15
[15] No longer do I call you servants, for the servant does not know what his master is doing; but I have called you friends, for all that I have heard from my Father I have made known to you

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Vincent said...

I’m glad we’ve done this together, Ellie. I’ll be writing about it from my own viewpoint soon on A Wayfarer’s Notes. It has been something special, not just for its own value, & the gift offered to the world, but for me personally solving a conundrum which has remained unsolved for eight years or more: how to publish.

The world’s economy stresses the role of markets, competition, money as regulatory god. Divine economy tells us that “all is gift”; “everything of real value can’t be paid for”. This new paradoxical world, already in front of us, offers instant paperless transmission almost free of cost, enduring friendship, new ways to give back something of the blessings we have received. After initially demurring, I accept the role of publisher you recently bestowed, and feel inspired to add in due course more titles to our list of works offered.