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Four Zoas, Night I, PAGE 8, (E 304)
"Till with fierce pain she brought forth on the rocks her sorrow & woe
Behold two little Infants wept upon the desolate wind.
The first state weeping they began & helpless as a wave
Beaten along its sightless way growing enormous in its motion to
Its utmost goal, till strength from Enion like richest summer shining
Raisd the bright boy & girl with glories from their heads out beaming
Drawing forth drooping mothers pity drooping mothers sorrow

They sulk upon her breast her hair became like snow on mountains
Weaker & weaker, weeping woful, wearier and wearier
Faded & her bright Eyes decayd melted with pity & love"      

Blake moves directly to the consequences of 'Enion entering the delusive world of the tempter.' A new development occurs. Blake is suggesting that just as Eve's encounter with the serpent led to the expulsion from Eden, Enion's encounter led to enormous changes which would alter the course of the developing psyche.

Remember that the Spectre which was drawn forth from Tharmas was 'rapturous in fury Glorying in his own eyes Exalted in terrific Pride.' He goes by the names tempter and Serpent as well.

In this account two unnamed infants are brought forth from Enion. They are the children of man's instinctual nature; produced when the level of consciousness had reached the point of desiring self-preservation and self-satisfaction. Energy has been transferred to them. They are born too early in the development of the psyche to have any sense of morality. Hungry infants that they are, they nourish themselves at the expense of the mother who responds to their initial weakness and helplessness.

If Enion can be thought of as awareness of the intuitive functioning of the physical body, her progeny may represent the movement of her awareness into functions which can operate in a broader field of activity. 

TEXTUAL NOTES by David V Erdman, Four Zoas, (E 823)
 7] Thirteen deleted lines follow:

          "But those in Great Eternity Met in the Council of God
          As One Man hovering over Gilead & Hermon
          He is the Good Shepherd He is the Lord & Master
          To Create Man Morning by Morning to Give gifts at Noon day 
          Enion brooded, oer the rocks, the rough rocks [?vegetating] groaning vegetate
          Such power was given to the Solitary wanderer.
          The barked Oak, the long limbd Beech; the Ches'nut tree; the Pine.  
          The Pear tree mild, the frowning Walnut, the sharp Crab, & Apple sweet,
          The rough bark opens; twittering peep forth little beaks & wings
          The Nightingale, the Goldfinch, Robin, Lark, Linnet & Thrush 
          The Goat leap'd from the craggy [Rock] , the Sheep awoke from the mould
          Upon its green stalk rose the Corn, waving innumerable
          Infolding the bright Infants from the desolating winds"

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