Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Blake and Dante 1

In the study of Blake's  'Illustrations of Dante's Inferno' I came across a book in our library called 'The Traveler in the Evening'. by Morton D. Paley.  Chapter 3 on the 'Divine Comed'y takes up pages 101 to 177. I found these pages to be a gold mine for this study.

There are many relationships between Blake and Dante.

Plate 16 of Marriage of Heaven and Hell
This closely resembles pictures of Dante's Inferno.

We may move to Blake's Gates of Paradise:
Image 14 of Blake's Gates of Paradise by LC rare books

And here's another representation:

Here are the ugly details:
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Count Ugolino della Gherardesca (c. 1220 – March 1289), count of Donoratico, was an Italian nobleman, politician and naval commander. He was frequently accused of treason and features prominently in Dante's Divine Comedy.

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