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bible3 Sin

Although we frequently read about 'sin' in Blake's myth, 

Blake did not believe in sin: it was related to the Fall, to materiality, 
to the fallen world, so every time he spoke of 'sin' or anything else 
concern how things are in the 'world', from which we are scheduled 
to escape in due course.

                                 In Milton

 Palamabron with the fiery Harrow in morning returning 
From breathing fields. Satan fainted beneath the artillery 
Christ took on Sin in the Virgins Womb, & put it off on the Cross 
All pitied the piteous & was wrath with the wrathful & Los heard it.

In Plate 13 he wrote
 pity the repentant Leutha. My            
Sick Couch bears the dark shades of Eternal Death infolding
The Spectre of Satan. he furious refuses to repose in sleep
humbly bow in all my Sin before the Throne Divine.
Not so the Sick-one; Alas what shall be done him to restore?
Who calls the Individual Law, Holy: and despises the Saviour.
Glorying to involve Albions Body in fires of eternal War--
Now Leutha ceas'd: tears flow'd: but the Divine Pity), supported her. 
All is my fault! We are the Spectre of Luvah the murderer.Of Albion: 
O Vala! O Luvah! O Albion! O lovely Jerusalem 
The Sin was begun in Eternity, and will not rest to Eternity
Till two Eternitys meet together, Ah! lost! lost! lost! for ever!
So Leutha spoke

From Milton Plate 29:
But in the Optic vegetative Nerves Sleep was transformed
To Death in old time by Satan the father of Sin & Death
And Satan is the Spectre of Orc & Orc is the generate Luvah
(Erdman 127)
From Milron Plate 39:
The Eternal Great Humanity Divine surrounded by 
His Cherubim & Seraphim in ever happy Eternity 
Beneath sat Chaos: Sin on his right hand Death on his left 
Ancient Night spread over all the heavn his Mantle of Laws

                                  And in Jerusalem

Plate 13 (Erdman 163)
Cast! Cast ye Jerusalem forth! The Shadow of delusions!
The Harlot daughter! Mother of pity and dishonourable forgiveness
Our Father Albions sin and shame! But father now no more!
Nor sons! nor hateful peace & love, nor soft complacencies
With transgressors meeting in brotherhood around the table,
Or in the porch or garden. No more the sinful delights
Of age and youth and boy and girl and animal and herb,
And river and mountain, and city & village, and house & family.

Plate 20
Jerusalem answer'd with soft tears over the valleys.
O Vala what is Sin? that thou shudderest and weepest
At sight of thy once lov'd Jerusalem! What is Sin but a little
Error & fault that is soon forgiven; but mercy is not a Sin
Nor pity nor love nor kind forgiveness! O! if I have Sinned
Forgive & pity me! O! unfold thy Veil in mercy & love!
Slay not my little ones, beloved Virgin daughter of Babylon
Slay not my infant loves & graces, beautiful daughter of Moab
I cannot put off the human form I strive but strive in vain
When Albion rent thy beautiful net of gold and silver twine;
Thou hadst woven it with art, thou hadst caught me in the bands
Of love; thou refusedst to let me go: Albion beheld thy beauty
Beautiful thro' our Love's comeliness, beautiful thro' pity.
The Veil shone with thy brightness in the eyes of Albion,
Because it inclosd pity & love; because we lov'd one-another!
Albion lov'd thee! he rent thy Veil! he embrac'd thee! he lov'd thee!
Astonish'd at his beauty & perfection, thou forgavest his furious love:
I redounded from Albions bosom in my virgin loveliness.
The Lamb of God reciev'd me in his arms he smil'd upon us: 
He made me his Bride & Wife: he gave thee to Albion.
Then was a time of love: O why is it passed away!(Erdman 165)

In Descriptions of the Last Judgment at Erdman 556:
……………………………………………...another demon with a
Key has the charge of Sin & is dragging her down by the hair 
beside them a figure is seen scaled with iron scales from head 
to feet precipitating himself into the Abyss with the Sword
The Spectator may suppose them Clergymen in the Pulpit Scourging 
Sin instead of Forgiving it
(Edman 557)

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