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Seven Eyes of God

Chapter XII of Percival's Circle of Destiny is called The Seven Eyes
Percival speaks of "a circular movement of the Soul" or a "wheel of 
birth", which in fact is not simply directed to individuals, but cosmic.

The cosmic cycle is seven fold.  'Seven' of course is a magic number.
There are seven days of Creation and of the week; seven spirits  of
the Lord in Isaiah, seven spirits of God in Revelations, seven lamps,
seven angels of the Presence  and many, many other uses of 'seven'.

Jerusalem, Plate 55, (E 205)
"Then far the greatest number were about to make a Separation
And they Elected Seven, calld the Seven Eyes of God;"

1. The First Eye: With Lucifer the soul falls away from God in selfish 

From the Four Zoas we read,
"Even Six Thousand years; and sent Lucifer for its Guard.
But Lucifer refus'd to die & in pride he forsook his charge
And they elected Molech," 

2. Molech,
"And Los said........
they Plow'd in tears incessant pourd Jehovahs rain, & Molechs
The Divine hand found the Two Limits: first of Opacity, then of
Opacity was named Satan, Contraction was named Adam.
Triple Elohim came:"

3. Elohim:
"The Lamb of God is seen thro' mists & shadows, hov'ring 

Over the sepulchers in clouds of Jehovah & winds of Elohim"
(Milton 14 (E108) 

"Albion was the Parent of the Druids; & in his Chaotic State of
Sleep Satan & Adam & the whole World was Created by the Elohim."
(Jerusalem 27, E171)

 "Elohim wearied fainted: they elected


"Beneath the Plow of Rintrah & the harrow of the Almighty
In the hands of Palamabron..........
Art thou not Newtons Pantocrator weaving the Woof of Locke
To Mortals thy Mills seem every thing & the Harrow of Shaddai
A scheme of Human conduct invisible & incomprehensible"
(Milton 4:12; E98)

"he wept over Albion: speaking the words of God

In mild perswasion: bringing leaves of the Tree of Life.
Thou art in Error Albion, the Land of Ulro: 
One Error not remov'd, will destroy a human Soul
Repose in Beulahs night, till the Error is remov'd
Reason not on both sides. Repose upon our bosoms
Till the Plow of Jehovah, and the Harrow of Shaddai
Have passed over the Dead, to awake the Dead to Judgment. 
But Albion turn'd away refusing comfort."
(Jerusalem 41; E188)

"Opacity was named Satan, Contraction was named Adam.
Triple Elohim came: Elohim wearied fainted: they elected 

"Shaddai angry, Pahad descended:" 

5. Pahad terrified, they sent

6. Jehovah
"And Jehovah was leprous; loud he call'd, stretching his hand to Eternity
For then the Body of Death was perfected in hypocritic holiness,
Around the Lamb, a Female Tabernacle woven in Cathedrons Looms
He died as a Reprobate. he was Punish'd as a Transgressor!
Glory! Glory! Glory! to the Holy Lamb of God
I touch the heavens as an instrument to glorify the Lord!"
(Milton; E 106)

"Mine is the fault! I should have remember'd that pity divides the soul

And man, unmans: follow with me my Plow. this mournful day
Must be a blank in Nature: follow with me, and tomorrow again
Resume your labours, & this day shall be a mournful day.....
Thick fires contending with the rain, thunder'd above rolling
Terrible over their heads; Satan wept over Palamabron
Theotormon & Bromion contended on the side of Satan
Pitying his youth and beauty; trembling at eternal death:
Michael contended against Satan in the rolling thunder
Thulloh the friend of Satan also reprovd him; faint their
Follow after the detestable Gods of Priam; in pomp
Of warlike selfhood, contradicting and blaspheming.
When will the Resurrection come; to deliver the sleeping body
From corruptibility: O when Lord Jesus wilt thou come?"
(Milton 13.23; E107) 

7. Jesus
"For this history has been adopted by both parties
It indeed appear'd to Reason as if Desire was cast out. but the
Devils account is, that the Messi[PL 6]ah) fell. & formed a heaven
of what he stole from the Abyss
This is shewn in the Gospel, where he prays to the Father to
send the comforter or Desire that Reason may have Ideas to build
on, the Jehovah of the Bible being no other than he, who dwells
in flaming fire.
Know that after Christs death, he became Jehovah.!
Christ? and has not Jesus Christ given his sanction to the law of
ten commandments and are not all other men fools, sinners, &
The Devil answer'd; bray a fool in a morter with wheat. yet
shall not his folly be beaten out of him: if Jesus Christ is the
greatest man, you ought to love him in the greatest degree; now
hear how he has given his sanction to the law of ten
commandments: did he not mock at the sabbath, and so mock the
sabbaths God? murder those who were murderd because of him? turn
away the law from the woman taken in adultery? steal the labor of
others to support him? bear false witness when he omitted making
a defence before Pilate? covet when he pray'd for his disciples,
and when he bid them shake off the dust of their feet against
such as refused to lodge them? I tell you, no virtue can exist
without breaking these ten commandments: Jesus was all virtue,
and acted from impulse: not from rules."
(Marriage of Heaven and Hell, Plate 23, E43)

(By this Blake perhaps meant that the conventional church treated Jesus like he 
was Jehovah, a punisher instead of a Saviour.)

Of  course there were many, many occurrences of Jesus in the Bible and in 


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