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Sources Boehme 3

Percival: Circle of Destiny 
Chapter IX, 
The Fall is filled with quotations or other relationships with Boehme.

What I call 'Boehme 3' begins on page 177:
Blake believed that "all religions were in the beginning one, the religion
of Jesus, the Everlasting Gospel....

All relgions other then the Everlasting Gospel were forms of Druidism. 
In the Mundane Shell we have Druidism in all its glory.

"The Mundane Shell is a vast Concave Earth, an immense
Harden'd Shadow of all things upon our Vegetated Earth,
Enlarg'd into Dimension and deform'd into indefinite Space,
In Twenty-seven Heavens and all their Hells, with Chaos
And Ancient Night and Purgatory. It is a cavernous Earth
Of labyrinthine intricacy, twenty-seven folds of Opaqueness,
And finishes where the lark mounts."
(Selections from Miltonbbl

The Mundane Shell is described in Percival 59-68:
"The Mundane Shell is a created world and therefore not eternal.
It is transitional between Eternity and Time.
Urizen had said, 
'Build we a Bower for heaven's darling in the grisly deep;
Build we the the Mundane Shell around the rock of Albion.'
...a partial analogue to the Creation in Genesis...but more in common
with the Creation in Paradise Lost."

Returning now to Percival 177ff:
"The Mundane Shell owes several of its characteristics to Jacob Boehme. The
association of the stars with Reason represents his third principle,
the principle of outward and temporal life, as Boehme says of 'this world',
the world of which Urizen is God. According to Boehme life has a finite
original and beginning.

The firmament is the gulf between time and eternity.
The Mundane Shell is also a partition between time and eternity.

Boehme said,
"Behold the stars are plainly incorporated or compacted out of or from
God...for the stars are not the heart and the meek, pure Deity [the Son]
which man is to honor and worship as God; but they are the innermost
and  sharpest birth or geniture, wherein all things stand in a wrestling
and a fighting."
(This section is found in Threefold Life, Aurora and other places.

'And the wrestling and the fighting are said to be a struggle between love
and wrath'.

Percival has much more to say about the Mundane Shell,

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