Wednesday, July 25, 2012


all interpreters of Blake have their own viewpoint about his work:
       The graphically inclined of course tend to focus on that facet.
       Politically conscious students of Blake may likely come up with something like Prophet Against Empire.
       A specialist in literature might write something in the vein of Fearful Symmetry.
       Then we have biographers:
       and encylopedists.
       Spiritually minded folk may see something in Blake that the materially minded are apt to miss. John Middleton Murry's  William Blake belongs to the first group; his book had a great influence on the writing of Ram Horn'd with Gold.

This website introduces Blake's thought with primary emphasis on its spiritual and psychological dimensions Recent Blake literature has come largely from secular interpreters. The religious community for the most part have totally ignored Blake. Nevertheless he was a profoundly spiritual man.       This introduction to Blake focuses on his spiritual life as expressed in his aesthetics, politics, and psychology.

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