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Plate Chapter One

Chapter One of Jerusalem

To understand Jerusalem is the summum bonum of every Blake scholar, but rarely achieved in the full.

Blake formally started Jerusalem in 1804 and (perhaps) finished it in 1818.
During his stay in Felpham under the tutelage of William Hayley the substance of Jerusalem and Milton was much in his mind.  Released from his uncreative relationship with Hayley he went full bore at his two prophetic works.

During his last decades he became more engrossed in the pictorial dimension than the textual one.  But Jerusalem is a happy marriage of both of them.

Chapter One is addressed to the public.
Chapter Two is addressed to the Jews.
Chapter Three is addressed to the Deists.
Chapter Four is addressed to the Christians.

Plate 1: the Frontspiece has little text, but considerable description of the Picture:

Plate 2 is the Title page.

Plate 3
is a kind of introduction including an appeal to Christ:
"The Spirit of Jesus is continual forgiveness of Sin"            

Plate 4
starts Chapter with more of the same.

Plate 5
is an initial description of fallenness (Ulro).

Plate 6
shows Los at his furnace looking up at the batlike spectre hovering above.

Plate 7
includes a conversation between Los and the Spectre.

Plate 8
continues the conversation between Los and the Spectre.

Plate 9
more Ulro.

Plate 10
Los: "I must Create a System, or be enslav'd by another Mans". 

Plate 11
Los labored mightily and created leading to 'exceeding joy"

Plate 12
Blake explains to us what he's doing and why.

Plate 13
introduces Golgonooza.

Plate 14
Los continues his work while Enitharmon weaves the 'garments'.

Plate 15

Chaos of Satan & the World of Adam

Plate 16

Bromion, Theotormon, Palamabron and Rintrah

Plate 17
His Spectre divides & Los in fury compells it to divide.

Plate 18
For Vala produc'd the Bodies. Jerusalem gave the Souls

Plate 19
This plate is an example of Albion's fundamental fallenness.

Plate 20
primarily a statement that Jerusalem made to Vala

Plate 21
primarily a statement that Jerusalem made to Vala

Plate 22
Vala and Jerusalem answer Albion

Plate 23
Dialogue between Albion and Jerusalem

Plate 24
a vivid contrast between the 'earthy' and eternal lives

This is a first draft; it will be expanded and improved as time permits.

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