Saturday, July 21, 2012

Plate 100

Plate 100 has no text. This is the 'curtain call' of Los, the central one of three figures.

  In Los' right hand he has the blacksmith's hammer and in his left the tongs. He's rightly proud of the work he's done creating Golgoloosa, a world transcending Ulro.
Erdman refers to 'compass-like tongs' including a redeemed Urizen in the work. The compass was the instrument of the fallen Urizen's false creation, but now (in Blake's Heaven) Urizen's creation was also redeemed. remember from Plate 97:
"the innumerable chariots of the Amighty appeared in Heaven
And Bacon, Newton, and Locke and Milton, Shakespeare, and Chaucer"

(Re Northrup Frye wrote on page 91 of Fearful Symmetry:
"All imaginative and creative acts, being eternal, go to build up a permanent structure, which Blake calls 'Golgonooza, above time, and when this structure is finished, nature, its scaffolding, will be knocked away and man will live in it. Golgonooza will then be the city of God, the New Jerusalem.")

To Los' right we see the Spectre; with his errors now gone he has the visage of an athlete about to throw the discus, or is it the solar globe that he carries day to day?

The first two pictures are in the light (the eternal light), but the one on the right (Enitharmon?) is of the world.  The 'world' contains the starry host and the moon and at the bottom a cracked stonehenge, while at the central bottom  the  figure shows a Druid temple in a perfect circle suitable to the City of Golgonoza.

(The picture has already been treated in Jerusalem Finale.)

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