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British Museum
Song of Los
Plate 8, Copy A

Los accepted the challenge of waking Albion from the Sleep of Death in Jerusalem. Earlier in the Book of Urizen Los had had the assignment of shepherding Urizen into formal existence after Urizen rejected eternity.  Blake saw Los as the part of himself which could lead him to health and wholeness. Blake knew that his mind was conflicted and divided. He feared the possibility of being unable to fully express the genius which had been given to him if he were unable to control his inner demons. 

Blake learned to turn to his intuition, his imagination, the Christ within himself to mediate the demands which aspects of his fractured psyche made.
Book of Urizen, Plate 5, (E 73)
"like a black globe
View'd by sons of Eternity, standing
On the shore of the infinite ocean                               
Like a human heart strugling & beating
The vast world of Urizen appear'd.

8. And Los round the dark globe of Urizen,
Kept watch for Eternals to confine,
The obscure separation alone;                                 
For Eternity stood wide apart,

As the stars are apart from the earth

9. Los wept howling around the dark Demon:
And cursing his lot; for in anguish,
Urizen was rent from his side;
Jerusalem, Plate 38 [43], (E 184)
"They saw their Wheels rising up poisonous against Albion
Urizen, cold & scientific: Luvah, pitying & weeping
Tharmas, indolent & sullen: Urthona, doubting & despairing
Victims to one another & dreadfully plotting against each other
To prevent Albion walking about in the Four Complexions.      

They saw America clos'd out by the Oaks of the western shore;
And Tharmas dash'd on the Rocks of the Altars of Victims in Mexico.
If we are wrathful Albion will destroy Jerusalem with rooty Groves
If we are merciful, ourselves must suffer destruction on his Oaks!
Why should we enter into our Spectres, to behold our own corruptions
O God of Albion descend! deliver Jerusalem from the Oaken Groves!

Then Los grew furious raging: Why stand we here trembling around
Calling on God for help; and not ourselves in whom God dwells
Stretching a hand to save the falling Man: are we not Four
Beholding Albion upon the Precipice ready to fall into Non-Entity:
Seeing these Heavens & Hells conglobing in the Void."

Romans 7
[24] O wretched man that I am! who shall deliver me from the body of this death? 
[25] I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord.

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