Monday, February 23, 2015

The Books I

The books

  • Tiriel (c. 1789)
  • Tiriel was not an illuminated book, but the first that Blake
  • wrote.

  • The Book of Thel (c. 1789)
  • There are a lot of posts on this subject.
  • Thel , in the Vales of Har (Heaven?) contemplates how it would be to go down into the world.
  • She sees herself succesively as worm, a lilly, and a cloud (and what else?) and of course death; she doesn't want it; she draws back to Har.

  • America a Prophecy (1793)
Blake wrote this book soon after the American Revolution.

Urizen functions as the terribly
frightened King of England, to be
revolted against

Europe a Prophecy (1794)
This one was virtually a sequel of the last one.

The picture shows Orc who is most familiar with blood, which spread over Europe after the American Revolution

Commons Wikipaedia
Europe 15

A few descriptive words and an impressive Image!

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