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  • The books
  • Tiriel (c. 1789)
  • Tiriel was not an illuminated book, but the first that Blake wrote.
  • Thel , in the Vales of Har (Heaven?) contemplates how it would be to go down into the world.
  • She sees herself succesively as worm, a lilly, and a cloud (and what else?) and of course death; she doesn't want it; she draws back to Har.
  • America a Prophecy (1793)
Blake wrote this book soon after the American Revolution.

Urizen functions as the terribly
frightened King of England, to be
revolted against.

Orc functions as the revolters.

Blake named the luminaries of the American Revolution:
Washington, Franklin, Warren,
Gates, Hancock and Green


Europe a Prophecy (1794)
This one was virtually a sequel of the last one.

The picture shows Orc who is most familiar with blood, which spread over Europe after the American Revolution

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Europe 15

In Blake's illuminated book America a Prophecy, Orc is described by his mythic opponent, "Albion's Angel" as the "Lover of Wild Rebellion, and transgressor of God's Law". He symbolizes the spirit of rebellion and freedom, which provoked the French Revolution.

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