Thursday, November 07, 2013

Europe 13

The red limb'd Angel siez'd, in horror and torment;
The Trump of the last doom; but he could not blow the iron tube!
Thrice he assay'd presumptuous to awake the dead to Judgment.

A mighty Spirit leap'd from the land of Albion,
Nam'd Newton; he siez'd the Trump, & blow'd the enormous blast!  
Yellow as leaves of Autumn the myriads of Angelic hosts,
Fell thro' the wintry skies seeking their graves;
Rattling their hollow bones in howling and lamentation.

    Then Enitharmon woke, nor knew that she had slept
And eighteen hundred years were fled                             
As if they had not been
She calld her sons & daughters
To the sports of night,
Within her crystal house;
And thus her song proceeds.                                      

Arise Ethinthus! tho' the earth-worm call;
Let him call in vain;
Till the night of holy shadows
And human solitude is past!
(Erdman 65)

About the Text

It's difficult and sometimes impossible to relate the text and the rest of the
Image; but that is some of the attraction of the student or scholar.
We assume The red limb'd Angel is Orc, sitting in chains, while Newton goes up
with the iron tube! Orc would announce Revolution while Newton announces
Emperie. Newton of course was the mighty Spirit.

This is a representaion of the descent of Orc, which here meant the outbreak
of Liberty and the ascendance of War.
Orc's character is found in Wikipedia and includes this:
" Orc's creation was based on the split between Los and Enitharmon, 
and he was transformed from a worm into the form of a serpent. 
Based on Orc's relationship with Enitharmon, there is a split between him 
and Los. Los uses the Chains of Jealousy to bind Orc upon a mountain, 
and Orc becomes part of the rock."
Then Enitharmon woke; remember that in an earlier plate she had gone to
sleep after starting things in a sorry way.
her sons & daughters: they are listed in Damon's Blake's Dictionary; I list
some of them here:
Ethinthus Leutha Antamon Sotha.

About the Image
Works speaks of the Image like this:
[Orc] The prisoner sits on a ledge--his legs chained;
[Newton] the jailor ascends the stairs [to blow the trumpet of War]

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