Monday, November 11, 2013

Europe 15


[But terrible Orc, when he beheld the morning in the east]
Shot from the heights of Enitharmon; 
And in the vineyards of red France appear'd the light of his fury. 
The sun glow'd fiery red!The furious terrors flew around!
On golden chariots raging, with red wheels dropping with blood;
The Lions lash their wrathful tails!
The Tigers couch upon the prey & suck the ruddy tide:
And Enitharmon groans & cries in anguish and dismay. 
Then Los arose his head he reard in snaky thunders clad: 
And with a cry that shook all nature to the utmost pole,
Call'd all his sons to the strife of blood. 
 (Erdman 66)

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Europe 15

A few descriptive words and an impressive Image!

The fire is very apparent.The youth with wildly exaggerated muscles is Los.
Might the woman over his shoulder be Enitharmon?
Might the child he is reaching down to get be a young daughter waving at an Eagle?
The fire is very apparent, associated with Red France.

The family involved here might be Orc, Enitharmon, Los and his sons
Orc precipitates the French Revolution and Los and his sons carry it out.

From Erdman illuminated:
Newton blew his trumpet a couple of plates back announcing the Last Judgment.
The second and third lines of the text show a vine.  What all might you see there?
a caterpillar, a bird, some moths on the flower near the right border?

Los is leaving the black fire and mounting on marble steps.

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